Region: Europe

Country: Netherlands


2017 Returning Champions

The Team

Do you represent a company or university or association? If so, which?

Deloitte Netherlands

What are your day job titles

Penetration tester / red teamer / hacker / ….

How long have you been competing in cyber competitions.

6 years

How long have you been hacking?

Most experienced person in the team 10+ years
Least experienced: 4+ years

Do you hold a university degree? If so which?

Most hold a university degree in computer science with a master in information security.

Do you hold any professional certifications? If so, which?


Your ages?

Youngest: 25
Oldest: 30

Riley Kidd

Rikkert ten Klooster

Cedric van Bockhaven

James Gratchoff

Michael Schouwenaar

Sean Rijs