2018 Schedule


The Game Structure:

Team Registration April 26, 2018

  • 4-6 Players per team
  • 18 years or older to play

Team Registration Closes

  • July 31st

Elimination Round Begins

  • August 4th – See results here.

Finals at Hacker Halted, Atlanta

  • Sep. 13th
  • Salon 4, Georgia International Convention Center

The Online Elimination Round

The Qualifier is a single 12-hour contiguous block of time that will take place on August 4th, 2018 beginning at Midnight UTC and will end at 12PM UTC. Teams will partake in a number of challenge categories such as Digital Forensics, Network Exploitation, Web Applications and Service Exploitation.

The Finals

True to an “Olympics” style competition, in 2017 the games opened with a “Mystery Box” challenge! Teams had to create an on-the-fly set of lockpicks to remove the ring from a padlock and determine the 16 digit number on Agent Smith’s Platinum credit card issued from the illustrious warl0ck gam3z. Sound easy enough? Let’s see what the box contained:

A Platinum credit card, one AA battery, a small nail, a set of old-school headphones, bag of silly putty, grinding stone, padlock with a ring on it, roll of tape, a pencil, a sticky note pad and a Lego figurine character.

Once those two tasks were complete, teams were awarded with their network gear to get logged in and pursue challenges on the board. As teams navigated their way through system exploits they eventually found that TorraBot Enterprises and GGoCySEA had partnered up to create a cryptocurrency dubbed TorraCoin.

Teams then had to figure out how to mine TorraCoin which equated to points on their overall score at the end. The TorraCoin infrastructure had an established blockchain, mining pools, gambling site and marketplace all within the closed loop competition network.

Successful teams possessed a combination of skillsets in several areas such as of out-of-the-box thinking, digital forensics, system exploitation, web exploitation and physical security just to name a few.

We are constantly striving to make Cyberlympics challenging and fun so join in 2018 to see what we have in store for this year!


Register for the 2018 Global Cyberlympics!


First Place

  • $1500 US
  • *1 cert course per player

Second Place

  • $1000 USD
  • *1 cert course per player

Third Place

  • $750 USD
  • *1 cert course per player

*Only first places includes the exam voucher.