2019 Schedule


The Game Structure:

Team Registration May 6th, 2019

  • 4-6 Players per team
  • 18 years or older to play

Team Registration Closes

  • September 4th, 2019

Online Elimination Round Begins

  • September 7th, 2019

Finals at Durham, City of Oshawa, Canada

  • October 26th

The Elimination Round

The Qualifier is a single 12-hour contiguous block of time. Teams will partake in a number of challenge categories such as Digital Forensics, Network Exploitation, Web Applications and Service Exploitation.

The Finals

If only it were that easy! In true warl0ck gam3z style, EC-Council Foundation’s Global Cyberlympics Finals for 2018 started with a set of challenges in a box that spanned from old school forensics to hacking a Bluetooth lock. What’s in the box? Simple things to get the teams started such as network and building diagrams, a dossier, a magazine for some light reading, a Bluetooth dongle, UV light, USB thumb drive, and a bunch of shredded paper.

Teams were required to reassemble their shredded document to retrieve a t0k3n that was left behind. Next was determining which printer the dossier came from and where it was located on the network using the UV light and yellow dot forensics. Then, without touching the Bluetooth lock, teams had to open it using only their computer, a PCAP file, and Bluetooth dongle.

For those teams that successfully opened the lock, they were then required to demonstrate the methods used in order to receive the networking gear which would get them access to the game board. From there, teams saw challenges ranging from network packet analysis, system exploitation, reverse engineering, malware analysis, and digital forensics along with physical challenges such as lock picking.

If you were there congrats, if you were not 2019 could be your year!


Register for the 2019 Global Cyberlympics!


First Place

  • $1500 US
  • *1 cert course per player

Second Place

  • $1000 USD
  • *1 cert course per player

Third Place

  • $750 USD
  • *1 cert course per player

*Only first places includes the exam voucher.