Global Cyberlympics Canada

Global Cyberlympics Finals are coming to Canada!

In honor of the finals being in Canada, we are waiving the fee for all Canadian teams that sign up for Global Cyberlympics!

We already have teams from Canada registered for this year’s competition! Big shout-out to Neumann Lim, MoP, and GT Cybersecurity for signing up to represent Canada!

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The World’s First Global Hacking Competition

Challenge categories include Digital Forensics, Network Exploitation, Web Applications and Service Exploitation.

The Cyberlympics is a competition aimed at a broad scope of IT Security Professionals and though we include some CTF components, Cyberlympics goes beyond the basic CTF challenge! We enforce the idea of team-work by providing challenges that span nearly all areas of IT Security such as pen testing, forensics, malware, log analysis, system exploitation, physical security and those are just to name a few! Cyberlympics is not solely focused on offense or defense but rather, it’s an all-encompassing approach allowing teams to compete with whatever cybersecurity strengths they bring to the competition!

The Online Elimination Round 2019

The Online Elimination Round/Qualifier is a single 12-hour contiguous block of time. Teams will partake in a number of challenge categories such as Digital Forensics, Network Exploitation, Web Applications and Service Exploitation.

Dates & Registration: OPEN

Online Elimination Round: September 7th, 2019

The Global Cyberlympics Finals

2019 Final Competition Date: October 26th, 2019

Location: Oshawa, Canada

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First Place

  • $1500 US
  • *1 cert course per player

Second Place

  • $1000 USD
  • *1 cert course per player

Third Place

  • $750 USD
  • *1 cert course per player

*Only first places includes the exam voucher.